Adventures of Microscopic Man – Rebooting the Monster

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YaiYai agrees to come to the NanoFuture Labs to have a risky experiment performed on him. An experiment that could turn the monster back into Leo the Lizard.

Find out what happens in this episode of the Adventures of Microscopic Man.

I Need Your Help!”

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It would mean allot to me if you could please take a few moments to look at my two proposals for SXSW and if you wish, sign up for an account with SXSW (in only takes 15 seconds) and give me the “thumbs up.” Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you and integrate your ideas into the conversation.

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How to be a Micro-Celebrity and Still Have a Life

The above proposal is a fun look at handling the micro-celebrity status many have achieved with their readers, listeners or viewers. Along with allot of fun analogies this conversation is packed with practical ideas to save you time and money all the while keeping your web presence efforts fun and sustainable.

2nd entry below!

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Building Church 3.0

The above proposal is an insightful look using multiple case studies as to how you can build your congregation online all the while enhancing the community experience for your church membership. This conversation goes beyond the use of Web 2.0 tools and integrates the next step in natural development, using these to tools to help your online community connect with a higher calling.

The Gopher Brothers Go Car Shopping

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With a little prodding from Pearl, the Gopher Brothers, Happy and Snappy, decide they need a car and go shopping. In the process they run into Buddy the Car Salesman.

Enjoy today’s Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, if you are looking for The Adventures of Microscopic Man, no worries, he will be back next week with a brand new episode.

The Gophers and the Three Baad Baad Goats

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In today’s Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, the Gophers set off to explore and come across a strange house in an unexplored area. Unfortunately, the home belongs to the Three Bad Bad Goats.

Adventures of Microscopic Man- Solutions to Complex Problems

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YaiYai is at the crossroads; run and hide, destroy the Nanomen or let them help him find what he is searching for. What will YaiYai do?

Find out on today’s Adventure of Microscopic Man.