Proposed Panel for SXSW 2011 – Mobilized to Feed the World:A True Story

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This year we (Lloyd Zeigler and myself) have submitted a very special panel proposal to South by Southwest 2011 (SXSW 2011) for consideration to present at the Interaction portion of the conference. In this panel we will tell the story a group of college age kids from around the US that have joined together with one of the world’s most respected humanitarian organizations, Food for the Hungry, to make a real difference. For a more detailed description of the presentation, please see below.

Your vote to have this panel at one of the world’s largest conferences is critical. Voting from the public accounts for 30% of the decision-making process for SXSW panel programming. Also important in this process is the SXSW Advisory Board (40%) and the input of the SXSW staff (30%). We encourage you to go to the Panel Picker page for the presentation and vote. If you have never voted at SXSW before you will need to fill out a 30 second secure, no spam registration to vote.

This presentation will be unique to a venue like SXSW. It is a faith based effort to mobilize people behind a common cause to make an extraordinary difference. The story deserves to be told and the only way it can be is with your help.

Below is a detailed description of the proposed panel.

Mobilized to Feed the World: A True Story

Organizers Mark Linder, Lloyd Zeigler
Description Can a small group of college age kids really change the world? Can they use digital platforms and modern day communication mediums to organize behind a cause and make a difference in thousands of lives? Can this group, decentralized across the nation become motivated as one to create real change? Across this planet people have real needs. Needs that rip the thread of the life’s fabric; food, shelter, clothing, disease, water and education just to name a few. But how often do we bind together behind a cause and make real progress with real people? Hear about how a small group leveraged their efforts to create real change, make a real difference and create real relief for starving and needy children around the globe. Learn lessons on picking the right partners, group dynamics & decision making, leveraging technology, mobilizing with a unified plan and execution with passion. The story is amazing and should not be missed by any leader that is trying to motivate their Team to achieve a goal or move their organization forward.
  1. How social media tools and a digital platforms were used to organize and energize a group of dedicated people.
  2. Interactive, training and motivational tools implemented by sample group.
  3. How to choose the right partners to insure goal success.
  4. How to blend people and technology with a common goal for maximum results.
  5. How this group achieved amazing results and how they literally changed their world.
Category Social Issues
Tags feed, hunger, world hunger
Event SXSW Interactive 2011

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I Need Your Help!”

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It would mean allot to me if you could please take a few moments to look at my two proposals for SXSW and if you wish, sign up for an account with SXSW (in only takes 15 seconds) and give me the “thumbs up.” Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you and integrate your ideas into the conversation.

Click the images below or the links under to go to the SXSW Panelpicker proposal.

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How to be a Micro-Celebrity and Still Have a Life

The above proposal is a fun look at handling the micro-celebrity status many have achieved with their readers, listeners or viewers. Along with allot of fun analogies this conversation is packed with practical ideas to save you time and money all the while keeping your web presence efforts fun and sustainable.

2nd entry below!

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Building Church 3.0

The above proposal is an insightful look using multiple case studies as to how you can build your congregation online all the while enhancing the community experience for your church membership. This conversation goes beyond the use of Web 2.0 tools and integrates the next step in natural development, using these to tools to help your online community connect with a higher calling.

I Need Your Help!!

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I just returned from the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and just wanted to thank all of you that attended my presentation for coming. It was a blast meeting each of you and getting to know you. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can. But right now, I need your help. I need your help in the form of a vote. We are putting together a panel for the upcoming 2009 South by Southwest (other wise known as the SXSW Interactive Festival) in Austin Texas. We have proposed a panel called “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast.”

It is easy for you to help. Just click the following link, “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast.” Once there take the 30 seconds to sign up and then vote for the panel, with a little luck, maybe we will be chosen to speak again this year at the conference.

Currently there are two people on the panel. Myself and Gary Leland, CEO/Owner of Podcast Pickle. Podcast Pickle was noted as one of the top websites by Time Magazine. Gary is an expert on podcasting and has incredible insights on how to use New Media and Social Networking to grow your podcast listeners. There are plans to add others to the panel and once their attendance is confirmed, I will notify you promptly.

Again, your vote for our panel suggestion “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast” is greatly appreciated.

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